Jonathan Stuchbery is a performing artist dedicated to reaching audiences on a personal level and to pursuing joy through artistic expression.

Fresh inc 2017

The past two weeks at the Fresh inc festival have been incredibly fulfilling for me as an artist. I am currently with the Cygnus trio along with approximately 50 other performers and composers and members of the Fifth House Ensemble…

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End of May

It's been a busy winter for me this year in Montreal, and the summer is shaping up to be very active as well. Finally I am sitting down to share a bit of what's going on with you! Where do…

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Fall 2016

I've been enjoying a very fruitful and inspiring year of music making. The August series of concerts with the Cygnus Trio proved to be a lot of work and a *great* deal of fun! The high point for us was…Read more

End of 2015-16 school year, and summer music

Another year at study at McGill is over. Time to shake off all the school year stress, and get to work on some exciting new projects. The semester ended well for me, I'm feeling very encouraged by the improvement I…Read more

The Cygnus Trio

I'm excited to be announcing a new project starting up this summer.  Erica Jacobs-Perkins (violin), Ben Stuchbery (flute), and I have come together again to form the Cygnus Trio!  We will be using our uncommon instrumentation, to bring across new…

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This fall, and What's Next!

It's been a busy fall semester at McGill, and busier still with performing.  I played to exciting programs at Christ Church Cathedral in September and October.  One was a solo program, featuring latin american guitar music, and the other was…Read more

Projet Montreal - Verdun Corn Roast

Last Saturday I had a pleasant afternoon providing music for the Projet Montreal's Corn Roast outside the Church of the Epiphany in Verdun.  It was a well attended event, despite it drizzling a little over the course of the afternoon…Read more

Summer's Come and Gone. Hello, Autumn!

Here I am back in Montreal, after what proved to be an excellent and productive summer! With the academic year now started I'd like to share some of the highlights of the summer.  I enjoyed the opportunity to perform a…Read more

The Beautiful Okanagan Valley, and more..!

Good day friends and fans!  I'm writing from home in Penticton BC, where I've been settling in over the past 3 weeks after a long (and thoroughly enjoyable) year of school in Montreal.  It's been quite a change of pace…Read more

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The Cygnus Trio: Lost Islands

Christ Church Anglican, 30 Church st, Gananoque, ON

Lost Islands The last performance on the Cygnus Trio's summer 2018 tour.

Admission, $15 at the door

A reflection on personal geography and memory

Sound, music, images, geography: all these concepts influence our memory. Think of a place from your childhood. What do you hear, what do you see? How can you describe this feeling of remembering the past? In a sense, the places we have made our homes and have now left are lost to us; we may be able to physically return, but our memories preserve it in a different way. Stories of islands which disappear after a first discovery or even after being inhabited for a time permeate Canadian folklore, from the Thousand Islands in the St. Lawrence to more isolated islands in the Great Lakes and beyond. The prevalence of these stories suggests a deep collective sorrow for remembered times and places which, once gone, are gone forever.

The Cygnus Trio, in collaboration with composers with deep geographical ties, offers a program of music and poetry reflecting on this loss and the relationship between memory and location. The program features works by four Canadian composers, folk tunes and poetry. Anita Perry and Selwyn Redivo offer musical meditations upon the landscape of the Okanagan Valley, past home of brothers Ben (flute) and Jonathan (guitar), and the trio will premiere Ontario native Arie Van de ven’s Algoma Miniatures. The musical components of the program are tied together with poetry by W. B. Yeats, and Nancy Holmes, tying a deep sense of place to the remembrance of the past.

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