Classical Guitar Recital "Poi che volse la mia stella"

St Saviours Anglican Church, 150 Orchard Ave, Penticton, BC

Saturday June 11th Jonathan Stuchbery will be giving a solo guitar recital in Penticton, BC at St Saviour's Anglican Church.

"Poi che volse la mia stella" which means "Since my fortunes turned" is the title of a short song by Italian renaissance composer Bartolomeo Tromboncino. The poem's narrator speaks of longing and of ceaselessly singing for their love. This program will feature a brand new transcription for guitar of J.A. Dalza's intabulation of this early sixteenth century song, along with other new transcriptions of Silvius Leopold Weiss, and melodies from throughout the ages that capture the love and longing of the poem. Spend a summer evening enjoying the sounds of the classical guitar, and be transported to a world of love and natural beauty!

Admission is by donation.