Diapente Renaissance Vocal Quintet is excited to share our first program of the 2024 season with you, "Rossi of Mantua: The Songs of Salamone". The program will feature sacred and secular songs from the Italian-Jewish composer Salamone Rossi, as well as his contemporaries at the Mantuan Court: Claudio Monteverdi and Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi. At the turn of the 17th century, Mantua was a hot spot for musical innovation, Salamone Rossi is one such innovator. His works include the first known publication of works in the Trio Sonata form, as well as the first published book of Hebrew liturgical music in the Italian Renaissance style, amongst other things. Between his globetrotting opera-singer sister Madame Europa, European pop-music sensation Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi, and avant-garde iconoclast Claudio Monteverdi, there was a lot of musical goings-on in the Lombardian Duchy! Tickets are "pay what you are able" with a suggested price of $30/$20.